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I can't believe this! I just measured my rodinal in the same beaker that I measured my photo flo in! It looked really BAD and so I thought it was from the marbles. Then I realized what I did. So is my whole roll kaput? Is it going to be dead in the developer? I remembered about this thread and the problems with photoflo. I was planning on a 1 hour stand development. I suppose it's too late to save it? :o Boy do I feel stupid!
Sorry about what is predicted to be a disaster. I take it that the rodinal dev,contaminated with phot-flo is already in the tank, developing correctly or not as the case may be, the film.

Please lets us know how things turned out. It'll certainly help anybody who may do the same to know at least the extent of the damage he can expect.

Presumably we are talking about a tiny amount of dregs of photo-flo compared with maybe 300ccs of Rodinal. If photo-flo at these dilutions is damaging enough to render your film as good as useless, then it's certainly lethal stuff and needs a very large warning on the label.

If it is this lethal you'd think that the maker would have been good enough to draw users' attention to it.