" I will often spend hours and days agonizing over a drum scan to get it exectly the way I want."

So what happens when photoshop version 12 has the new "photographers filter set"? You take a digital pic, load it into photoshop, apply the Ansel Adams filter, then print out 100 identical copies. I'm not saying you will use that filter, but it will sure be tempting to most. Maybe even better you have a wireless digital camera in the field. You snap 500 pics, choose the best 3, then it's wired directly to your printer which then applies your filter of choice. You get home and the fine prints are there waiting for you. I think at this early stage of digital a lot of tweaking is involved, but in the not to distant future we'll see an age of click image, apply filter preference, print, done. I'm not anti-digital, I just like to explore how the two mediums will continue to evolve. I use a digital cam for family snapshots and it's been a real cost saving device and is good enough quality. I can't see using any digital for fine art work because I enjoy the craft of it so much. Anyway, gotta run! Ross