Guy, I have nothing against digital, as a matter of fact I am of the idea that to each its own and use whatever is best to make your art, I dont think digital is the issue, IMO it is the quality of the images shown and the fact that this guy is supporting the "digital is better" when I would have first concentrated in making good images, with a digital or regular film camera. I think I can speak for many people here when I say that APUG is not a "digital is the devil" site, as a matter of fact I think most here have a more open mind about it than those who spouse the use of digital for whom traditional photography is "dead", just give me 5 more years so we can fix the Seems that every time I see something not working in the digital realm this is the usual response. But that is another thread of which we are all tired about.

My opinion stemmed from the fact that most of the images shown in the site are very amateurish at best, not withstanding how they were made, digital camera or film camera. We have a person who is in a position to infuence people telling them digital is better and then he tries to print on enlarging paper with an ink jet silly is that? Fokos, David J Osborne, Burkholder have some of the most beautiful images I have ever seen and I for one admire their use and the taste with which they produce their digital images, but this guy...sorry lets call a spade a spade. If he is going to say "digital is better" then he better have some outstanding images to prove it, just as an example check out the images by our member b.e.wilson in the gallery, IMO his are much better images and he is not spousing the "traditional is better" position, he just goes and does his thing. This is what I want from digital proponents, just go an create art and forget which medium is better.