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Here is a scan from one of the negatives. It may not be what was expected, but it wasn't that bad of an error, IMO.
Thanks for thumbnail. Your're right it's far from a disaster. To be honest I'd have been surprised if it had been the total disaster that at least one reply was forecasting and I notice that a number of other replies on another thread on the photo-flo accident said as much.

It may well be that the respondent indicating disaster has had just such an experience but if so then at least that person should have indicated as accurately as possible the exact circumstances to enable you to judge.

Otherwise we end up with a site where alarm and despondency is spread unnecessarily. This may not be a problem for those who "know better" but for others and I'd include myself in that group here who have to rely on what is stated as being "considered opinion" from experienced users it is disconcerting.

Had you been inclined to take things at face value you may flushed the developer down the drain and thrown the film away while in despair.

Once we become a site where " caveat inquirer" becomes the norm then the site becomes devalued especially for newcomers who are less able to take care of themselves which is why they are here in the first place.