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Although Skyline Drive is very pretty, it is a VERY long drive from DC.
Actually, it wasn't too bad, especially since an early start helped me beat the traffic (I am actually staying closer to Baltimore than DC). Although the sky was clear when I set off there was thick fog when I got to Shenandoah NP, and I considered aborting. Just as well I didn't, as when the road got high enough the sun came through - mixture of bright sun, blue sky, fog on the lee side of the hills, and of course autumn (fall) colours made for a great day. I gave the G1 quite a workout. Of course there were a few other "leaf peepers" but congestion was not too bad. Although the majority had digitals, I was gratified and slightly surprised to see how many were using film SLRs - typically manual focus.

Just wish I had room in my bags on business trips to bring the Horseman 4x5!