I just finished a weekend session myself. I used the Maco lith and a couple different papers.

I tried a Foma RC that lithed very well, kind of a brownish orange. I lithed an xray of my head. It looks great. (Just in time for Halloween).

It lithed really fast. Almost 2 minutes and it was done! Fast.

Then I used a couple sheets of luminos. very nice as always. More of a Faun Brown. Those took more like 6 minutes.

Then I used some Forte, probably my favorite, but I like to use a color/paper that matches the image. It took around 6 to 15 minutes for those.

Then I used some Ilford. I dont like to use Ilford warmtone with hot lith, it turns green. But in room temperature it's quite nice. (They took up to 20 minutes.)

Some observations from this weekend:

The Maco lith is very strong. I diluted it by 6x what they recommended.

The temperature of the developer has a large effect on color.

Exposure acts more like a tone adjuster. As you would notice the amount of exposure has an effect on overall print color. Lith prints only seem to have a strong mid tone with not much elsewhere (if there is tone at all).

I adjusted the exposure to render better local contrast and snatched the print when I like shadow density.

Older developer may add color, but seems to affect the sharpness of the print.

Sorry it's in english, I can read the Dutch, but not too good at writing.