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How do you feel about von Karajan or Richard Strauss?
...or the recently departed Elisabeth Schwarzkopf whose career seemed to have been unaffected after WW2? Is it because that these people's art never had political colours? At least not in the obvious sense that is readily seen in L. Riefenstahl's work? How political can one be when one conducts a Beethoven symphony (the only thing which is "odd" about Karajan's work is that he played them slower), or plays a Strauss waltz, or sings Donna Anna in a Mozart opera? Do they sound "Nazi" because at one time of their lives they made music with Hitler?

Try reading Leni Riefenstahl's biography (a rather thick book) and see its film version. The film's title escapes me now, but it was something like "The Wonderful and Terrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl" - I'm sure I got the title wrong, but terrible was in its title. Both materials give an insight to who Ms Riefenstahl was.