Hello Stephanie Brim,

I am still using an FE for work, along with lots of lenses. In the wide range, it seems many find the 24mm f2.8 to be an excellent choice. Compact and light weight, and much less than the f2.0 version, while in my opinion outperforming the faster lens in the corners. These 24mm f2.8 lenses are fairly numerous on the used market. I have used the 28mm f2.8 and 35mm f2.8, and just don't like the results at the corners; unless you are only going to use them at f8.0 or f11, where they are okay.

My favorite Nikon wide lens is actually a 35mm f2.8 shift lens, but those are not relatively cheap. If you ever have the cash to go for one, or find a good deal on one, it is a really outstanding lens design. Results wide open and unshifted are quite nice.

On the 50mm Nikon choices, I went through a few f1.4 versions prior to finding a nice one. I had trouble with decentering, which could have been abuse or lack of quality control. Hopefully you find a nice version. My favorite 50mm f2.0 is actually the AI long barrel version, which I also own. Anyway, hope you enjoy your FE and whichever lenses you find for it.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio