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I'm sure it's not an absolute, but do you not think that the personality, psyche, experience, prejudices etc that we all have, are not often present or subconsciously illustrated in the photographs we take.
Yes, I do believe that, but that is not the same as saying that [portraits] by great photographers are always of themselves and "not" of their subject (which was the quote). We will always bring our 'consciousness' , perspective, creativity, whatever, to the photographs we take. Having said that, and accepting that as always a part of the creative process, I believe the truly great photographers are those who are able to take portraits where the essence of the subject transcends the presence and ego of the photographer.

I have the feeling I may have been a little unfair to Strand here, particularly in view of Will's post (and yes, I do like the feet, Suzanne, and the whole pose of the man on the right).

If I hadn't read in this thread that the picture had been so heavily orchestrated, then I may have had a very different reaction to it. If I ignore this information, I do appreciate it more - especially the 'integrity' and power of the matriarch, the different characters of the brothers visible in their features and body language. (I think the least convincing for me is the man seated to the left, looking to the right).

Thanks for the comments to my comments, I'll look again tomorrow & try to look with fresh eyes, to see what I think then.