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The radial balance that I see utilized here draws on both literal and symbolic meaning. The matriarch is positioned with her head higher than that of her sons. (She is literally the head of the family represented here). The arrangements of her sons radiate out from her position.

Her sons are beneath her and radiate out from her on a increasing orb (spiral) beginning with the son to her lower left followed by the son immediately opposite and continuing on to the other son on the left side of the doorway and finished with the son by the bicycle. The hints to this circular arrangement is through the semi circular structure above the door (albeit abbreviated in the photograph) and the circular shape of the bicycle wheels.
Are people aware of the web site http://photoinf.com/Golden_Mean/photo-adjuster.html wherein you can apply any photo and run through the possible (classic) compositional rules visually. I dont think it is God's written word but it does help to look at a picture compositionally sometimes