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Film holders are an Ansi standard when it comes to 4x5.
Not exactly, outside measurements can differ 10s of a millimeter, believe be because it bothered me once, but you can't do wrong with any modern plastic (is it plastic?) filmholder on an industrial built international back.
For your own confort, read this thread on the subject.

As Nick says, stay away from anything that does smell like wood, unless you're tempted to go ULF :-)

A decent holder on eBay will generally go for $13.00, that's the maximum bid I tend to place per 4x5" holder.

@ David & Ishotharold:

the Fidelity holders are a triffle wider than the Riteway brand. It's better to build your camera back around a Fidelity.
If you want any plans for guidance or inspiration on a homebuilt camera back, feel free to contact me by email and I'll send you a generic plan.