I'll give one more example of what I'm talking about and then I quit hogging the thread.

Take 2 iconic portraits Karsh's Churchill and Migrant Mother.

Possibly the reason we like the Churchill so much is he is celebrated, famous beyond belief, and Karsh did a masterful job of bringing out his grumpyness. All in all a great portrait. But if you take him out and put in another "executive" who you didn't know, would the picture have anywhere near the same impact. Same expression, same lighting but the who cares factor enters it.

Now with Migrant Mother, we don't know who she is, or really care. We just can see a perhaps distraught, overburdened, human being. We are drawn to it, not because we know her, but because we feel for her. She is a dramatic representation of the human condition. We connect.

With Churchill, with John Lennon, Madonna, we connect but in a sort of superficial way, with Migrant Mother we connect in a profound way.

That was what the Uncle Bob thing does for me. If it weren't a celeb would I care.