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My take on this and most all of Annie's work....

She's a commercial photographer, and she shoots like one. She serves up images that look like you'd expect them to look. She's an assignment shooter, and there's nothing wrong with that. But it says absolutely nothing remarkable to me whatsoever. This image of Lennon, like most of her celebrity work (which is pretty much all she does) simply says, "Look who I get to hang out with." Same message as in her recent TomKatieSuri stuff. I see her images as records of privilege, and that's about it.
One more thing I would add to Cheryl's astute reply is that since she began working for Vanity Fair her work broadened to include celebrities accross the spectrum of the entertainment industry. Her best know photo IMO, is this one ( a Lennon/Ono ) http://www.art-forum.org/z_Leibowitz/Ip/AL_Lennon.htm or the one of Demi Moore. My favorite was her cover shot on Rolling Stone of Meryl Streep.

IMO, her book on the summer Olympics in Atlanta and 'Women' were dismal failures and deserved their place in the mark down bins in bookstores.

Her flair for posing and getting celebs to do somewhat unusal poses was one of the reasons she suceeded as she has. FWIW, I think most of her best stuff was done in her Rolling Stone Magazine years.

I've also heard through the grapevine she is impossible to work for and can treat her assistants shamefully. My polite way of saying she is a Bee Eye Itch.

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