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Her flair for posing and getting celebs to do somewhat unusal poses was one of the reasons she suceeded as she has. FWIW, I think most of her best stuff was done in her Rolling Stone Magazine years.

I've also heard through the grapevine she is impossible to work for and can treat her assistants shamefully. My polite way of saying she is a Bee Eye Itch.
Agree with most previous posters.

My impression is that AL is dedicated to the point of obsession and self-assertive to the point of arrogance (if not beyond). The wider question is - do you have to be this way to get to the top, particularly as a celebrity portraitist (bearing in mind that for celebrity photographers further down the tree than AL, the boot is on the other foot, with celebrities treating the photographers like dirt)? An interesting situation, when you consider that even in the case of photographers like AL, if celebrities feel the photographer is becoming too much the star, they will freeze him/her out in an instant!

Once again, a good picture for debate!