I lean towards Blansky's views. At the risk of being labelled a pseudo-intellectual wanker, I think this is a case where Roland Barthes' concepts of the "studium" and the "punctum" are helpful in analysis.

As a "study" of a young man from a Western culture, relaxing with a musical instrument in inauspicious surroundings it's a kinda average photograph -one most of us could replicate of a friend/brother/partner/Uncle Bob quite readily.

The "point" is it is John Lennon; he wrote some of the most memorable/popular songs in history; he died a violent and untimely death; when I look at him many memories and emotions come flooding back; I get taken away to a different place...etc etc. The proverbial wild man from Borneo looking at this might be curious about the clothing, glasses, hair intrument etc. Mostly "studium" if any "punctum" at all.

So the "point" about celebrity photography is that. The "studium" doesn't really rate unless it's about fashion trends or the like The point is it's a celebrity. How many simply awful full frontal flash photos do you see in trashy celeb magazines? This one is certainly a cut above those but photographically to me it's all about the Lennon "punctum" and what flows from that.

Who knew Uncle Bob test = esoteric French philosophy!