[quote="Fintan"]No formula Les really, I just like to print full frame and square. Its just an extra challenge especially with fixed focal lengths. Its how I pre-visualise. I'm not long enough [or good enough] taking photographs to have a "style" yet but this is just how I like to do it. Photography for me is a journey and not just a destination.

Pre-visualisation is about the mood, message held within the subject or how you see the subject and not about the shape of the final print. Style evolves through seeing and making photographs and concentrating on "why" the photograph was made. As a matter of interest the reason that I feel so strongly about this issue is that for the first 15 years that I made photographs I used a 6 x 6 Minolta Autocord with a fixed 80mm lens and for a time framed and printed everything in the sqaure format of the camera and then realised that my photographs were becoming a cliche. I understand that you like square images, so do I and I often print them, but please do be careful not to overdo it.