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I have the Saunders 11x14 and 16x20, both purchased used and think they are very good. There are others, one from UK or Europe, but memory fails me now...know they are well thought of though.
There are a few excellent European masking frames.. the most popular are Ahel (France), R.R.Beard (Photon-Beard/Calument UK], Dunco (Germany) and Kaiser (Germany). Among the 4-bladed easels the Ahel (Marge- not to be confused with the cheezy Marge-3), Beard and the Kaiser are very good but quite expensive.

I tend to advocate multiple 2-blade easels for different formats and my favorite 4-blade is the old Leitz/Leica from the Focomat era. Among the new, in production, 2-blade masking frames I tend to find the Kaiser TopMask in the smaller sizes and the R.R.Bead ProMask to be the best in the large sizes where the "limitations" of 1/4" quantums for top and left margins don't bother...