Truth be told, it's hard to produce something of lasting value in any medium. Digital techniques make certain things easier (give me the Photoshop cloning tool over an airbrush and set of retouching pencils any day&#33, but they don't make vision any easier. There is cliche in all media, and I've seen some really fine digital work.

In color, a drum scan and Lightjet print is really a potential improvement over most techniques, with the possible exception of dye transfer, but it's not really easier, and it certainly isn't cheaper. Good work still requires effort. I've seen LightJet and Lambda prints that look like crap. It's not as if you just pop the slide in a machine and out comes a brilliant print.

In B&W there is some very impressive work done in digital media, but the prints look different from prints done in other media. I just think of it as another kind of output like bromoil or platinum or gum bichromate or silver or photogravure. I have no interest in using inkjet or digital-C print for my own B&W work, but I won't deny that I've seen some good work that uses those materials.