OK folks, it's time to get together again. How does Thursday, 20 October sound for a NJ location shoot? We have a few options this time:
1) return to the Burlington County Jail in Mt. Holly where we were last month. I don't think any of us exhausted all the possibilities there are there. The girl who is in charge was very friendly and receptive to having us there last time. If we do go back, I would suggest meeting there at 10 a.m. and spending the day there.
2) Milford, Hunterdon County, NJ. There is an old paper mill complex, quite large, that will disappear within the next two years. Great for all formats.
3) Fall foliage here in Hunterdon County. The colors are gorgeous. I photographed some with 35mm color today and it only has to get better in 4-6 days. I can act as guide and we can caravan all over the county. If we pass this one up, we have to wait a year to do it again.
4) Finesville, NJ on the banks of the Muscenetcong (I know I mispelled this one) River in Warren County, not too far from my studio, Riegelsville, PA, and Phillipsburg, NJ. This is a 19th Century village that has not changed much over 150 years.

What's the preference here? Want to combine two locations? - we can. But, whatever we decide, let's do it.