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The limiting factor of a given system isn't always the lens, and to equip the sytem with a higher quality lens than the system is capable of utilising would only serve to make the system more expensive while adding nothing to the quality of the final product.
I agree that the lens is probably the equal of the film. What really bothers me is that the camera is labeled professional. I doubt there are many 'Pros' who would use this thing. Meanwhile, some sucker who loved his dad's Polaroid folder is going to buy this and be very disappointed/mis-lead.

I get some beautiful polaroids from P/N 55. Quality I am hard pressed to believe could be equalled with a plastic lens. I have an old polaroid folder that gives great images -- I suspect much better than this camera. They have the goods to build a true pro camera, but I suspect they figure producing a consumer camera and calling it Professional is more profitable.

It isn't worth getting upset over. It is just annoying.