The Fall Foliage workshop presented a mixed bag of tricks. It rained all day Friday but I had a chance to get some good images. There is a covered bridge outside Pittsburg, NH that is closed to traffic. The sides have openings in them in which I was able to set up and photograph with an 8x10. I was able to expose some excellent black and white images here; wall hanging quality.

Saturday started off cloudy, but soon turned out to be a nice day. I photographed a beautiful valley and hillside with some chromes and black and white negatives with my 4x5. Later that same day, I was at a waterfall with my 8x10 and exposed more b&w negatives. I also had a chance to burn a few rolls of 220 b&w and one roll of 120 chromes at this location.

Sunday was strictly a medium format day as it threatened rain from the get go. I was able to shoot another roll of 220 before we called it a day and met for lunch. The rain started as we headed for the cars to go to lunch. it continmued all day as I headed down to Brattleboro, Vermont for the night.

Monday morning was sunny and I headed for downtown Brattleboro before heading home. I shot a roll of 220 b&w here, photographing alleys and other out-of-the-way places in the city. Good photography!

There were eight participants: two women from the Toronto area (Cory and Patricia, they shot large format); one medium format photographer from MA., Rene; Hany Aziz, a large format photographer who used a Shen Hao 5x7 is from Springfield, MA' Bill Mitchell, a retired country doctor from Florida used a small digital camera for the trip; John Bowen, a large format shooter from Virginia, shot 4x5, 8x10, 7x17, and 35mm; and yours truly. The Fine Focus trio of Richard Ritter, Bruce Barlow, and Ted Harris were very helpful during the weekend.

I will be back with them in February for the Snow and Ice Workshop.