Dear Forum,
I believe I have found a people who can help me with some advice in order to solve my problem.
I do image transfer by using Polaroid films (4x5"). It nice, but it is very expensive for larger size of the film and also there is a concern about Polaroid company.....
I am trying to substitute Polaroid by some another emulsion. I can expose this emulsion directly by camera or I can even enlarge the images on the emulsion by enlarger.
The goal of this image transfer is that I can peel off the emulsion from Polaroid film without destroy it (in that case by water) and transfer it to another surface (paper) and it stick the surface after it get dry.
Some time ago I tried to find a commercial film which can be peel off, but did not succeeded. My friend have meters of old German technical film and it works perfect for him. But they stopped production already many years ago.
Do not you have an advice what emulsion could behave like this? It can be film emulsion (which would be peeled off from the glass after exposing by camera) or it can be also emulsion which can be peeled off from the paper after enlarging image on it.
...difficult to explain, but I hope you get the point.
Thank you,