Got to go with JDEF and Ole on this one. This was a BIG issue seems like with the NEA a few years opinion is the public will tell us. The government does not need to tell me what is right or wrong - what I should look at or not.

Ole is dead on when he states the "morals" of some group is the basis for censorship..there are some groups that would find the following objectionable...
1. overweight people (yeah I'm one of those)
2. thin people
3. people that drink alcohol
4. people that watch sporting events
5. people that DO NOT watch sporting events.

You get the picture, we tend to associate with people that think like we do, there are already enough laws on the books to protect children from the creeps that are out there.

No offense Aggie, but many people would find some of the family snapshots and studio work of children nude (these are the shots we use when they grow up to embarrass them) very pornographic.

Just my opinion, yours will vary.