At the Melbourne flea market two Sundays ago, F3 cameras were going for about $300 - $350 - $400 depending on severity of scratches and the like. Mint ones were asking $900 to $1800 (dreamin).

FE2, three that I saw were starting around $350 (well used) up to $700 for what looked like mint.

There were two FM2 units I saw, one of which was being sold by Shutter Box 03 9809 4711 for well under $400 with a six month warranty (I think) They are camera repair people, husband and wife.

That hopefully will give you an idea of the slightly lower end of the market in Melbourne.

Camera Lane in Melbourne 03 9670 0560

had two interesting cameras two weeks ago when I was looking. F3 body $350 and an FM body for $350 whilst a FE2 was priced at about $575 (I think)

The FE2 is the premium camera secondhand at the moment because of the match needle meter and fast flash sync.

Personally I would prefer the F3 at those prices, you get one helluva body for the outlay. I have two of them and an FE2, prefer the F3 anyday for pure effortless picture taking.

For what it's worth I think Camera Lane is currently the best pick for quality Nikon secondhand manual focus stuff in Melbourne.

I've been on the lookout for a friend of late and am about to pick up a couple of things when I heard about the WA thing, I'll await Monday morning and telephone, then make a decision.