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I think that metro stations and pretty much all gov't places in the DC area aren't even allowing tripods any more.

Unless your 5x7 is a press camera I think you are going to have difficulties, I am sorry to say.
It's worse than that. I was driving by the Fairfax County Judicial Center the other day, where they're doing a lot of construction and there are big orange signs every 50 ft. which say "No Photography Allowed without Permission". At a construction site in Fairfax, VA?

It's way beyond stupid to think that someone actually doing reconnaissance in furtherance of a terrorist plot would use a tripod mounted view camera.

Unless it's some place like the C&O Canal NHP or the Aquatic Gardens I won't even take my tripod out downtown anymore. And I don't even think about setting one up even near a Metro station, much less in one.