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Nikon F2as... I have touched it just yesterday that belongs to my friend.
I have Canon F-1 (old version) and was thinking about going back to Leica R6.2 but I think I was very much attracted by Nikon F2as. Very solid feeling and the light meter was much better than Canon F-1.

Only two things bother me:
- Too heavy and big (the reason why I want to move from F-1 to R6, my hands are small)
- The focusing ring and aperture ring turns opposite direction of Canon/Leica.

I have never used Nikon before. Is this opposite direction difficult to adapt?
If you want a particular camera you should get it (sounds like you are attracted the the Nikon F2A). I don't think anything else would be satisfying to you - because you will always be saying "what if" every time you take a picture. I also don't think any of the camera you are considering are bad - all are wonderful cameras.

I tend to analyze a lot before purchasing - and I was trying to compare a rangefinder to SLR's - so completed a list and fleshed it out with a R6 entry for you (I know you didn't ask, but I already had 80% of it, so what the heck! )

I hope this helps you - I decided to include it because you mentioned you were concerned about weight and size of the camera!

Size and weight (w/o lens)
Leica R6: 148 x 97 x 57mm : ~627g (web search)
Leica M7: 158 x 101 x 62mm: ~890g (web search)
Leica MP: 158 x 101 x 62mm: ~790g (Web search)
Ziess Ikon RF: : 138 x 78 x 32mm: ~500g (Zeiss website)
Nikon F2A: 152 x 102 x 65mm: ~840g (web search)
Nikon FM2: 142 x 90 x 60mm: ~540g (FM2/T is ~515g I think) (Nikon site)

Lens weight:
Nikon 50mm/f1.8 AIS F-mount lens weight: ~210g (weighed mine on scale)
Leica 50mm/f2 SLR R-mount lens weight: ~290g (web search)
ZI 50mm/f2 RF M-mount lens weight: ~210g (Robert White's site)

Not counting UV filter and lens cap.

So a kit might weigh:

Nikon F2A with 50mm: 985g
Leica R6 with 50mm: 917g
Nikon FM2 with 50mm: 750g (confirmed appx right with kitchen scale)

For comparison (I did mine in reverse - I was considering the below):
Leica MP + 50mm:1000g
Leica M7 + 50mm: 1100g
ZI RF + 50mm: 710g

You can see that the F2A isn't too bad compared to Leica rangefinders, but if you want a similar experience, the FM2 is a light weight camera (and when I got the ZI package with a 35/f2 Biogon, my wife was surprised they felt about the same weight, and while the FM2 was a bit bulkier, they all handled appx the same! :o )

You probably know what you want already - so you should get that, but if you want some additional data to think about, I hope this helps!

Also - the focussing directions won't be an issue - though there will be some new habits to be learned - but since each person is wired differently, YMMV.

Good luck and tell us if you decide anything!