Thanks John and George.

John, Friday is the 20th. I had the day/date combo incorrect on my posting. Sorry... I don't know if that makes a difference for you or not. Certainly, if anyone wants to get together on Friday and go somewhere, that would be great. The more activities, the merrier. Unfortunately, I am leaving on a photo assignment to the Carribbean the following day and will need Friday to finish packing.

George, if you finf out more about this, please share. There might be other good locations in Mt. Holly to photograph too if the jail is unacceptable. A local photographer might be able to help here. Howard Dvorin - any ideas?

Robeert Triffen has returned from his excursion to Europe and has some ideas to consider too. Maybe a later date might be better with sufficient notice.

Anyhow, let me know if anyone is interested for anything Thursday.