This promises to be a lively discussion - and *my* PC is down - in a repair facility for a new cooling fan. Amazing how thermal overload and shutdown can be so easily mistaken for some sort of weird virus.

I'm not really concerned with "pornography" in the ART community. The gallery operators are, generally, far TOO sensitive anyway... and the artists are too close to their work to deny authorship or responsiblity. In fact ... the "press" devoted to "outrageous" / and or "offensive" work seems to be a shortcut to recognition and fame - see Mappelthorpe ad the "Brooklyn Museum" elephant dung exhibitions.

We start on a terribly slippery slope when we try to eliminate "pornography" -- we cannot even define what "pornography" IS. There is the case of a Processing Lab in Cambridge, Mass., who turned in a woman for photographing her five-year old son in the nude. after a *whole lot* of legal misery, the Attorney General of Suffolk County refused to prosecute - declaring the work was *NOT* pornographic. The Lab was contacted, and asked about their policies ... "Would they report a photograph of a naked six-month old child in the tub, or on a bearskin rug?" Their reply? "Absolutely." In their opinion, ALL nudity, or "semi-nudity" (what the &^$# is THAT?) of anyone of ANY age is "pornography".

I can think of another controversial example: Grohe - the German Plumbing Fixture manufacturing company, once distributed a brochure with a photograph of a young girl, (8 - 10?? years old?) fully, frontally, naked on the cover - in running shower with water supplied through Grohe fixtures. Naturally - who would take a shower with their clothes ON? - at least in this day and age?

It may be of help to consider "cause and effect" ... it is possible to compare those countries and societies with "strict" anti-pornography laws and those with very few laws and permissive attitudes. Do I have to spell out which have the lowest incidences of Sexual - and probably related - violent - crimes?

"Child" pornography is, to me and probably most others, terrible - but it is really the same as a photograph of blood on the sidewalk ... The real focus should be directed at the crime itself ... prevention and bringing those who commit the original crime to justice to prevent further occurences. I have seen photographs of exceedingly gory crime scenes - far beyond "offensive". I do NOT choose to look at them ... although I am sure there are others that would get some sort of twisted "entertainment" from them... yet, as sick as they are - they are legal.

Come to think of it - there is a video entitled "The 40 Faces of Death" - a compilation of scenes showing actual. accidental - and otherwise - deaths. This tape is not "behind the swinging doors" of the Adult Section - It is out here for any adolescent to rent - and view.