I agree with most everyone on the censorship issue. However the fact of tax dollars supporting the arts is a bit dicey.

Are not symphonies and local theater supported by the NEA and other organizations. I think as a civilized society we should have an allotment of government money going to various art programs and programs to get children interested in the various forms of artistic expression. We see countless programs on television about people who have gone into ghettos and turned kids lives around by sponsoring their artistic expression. It should be expected, in a so called advanced society, to have the arts as a mainstay of our lives.

Billions of dollars of government money goes to all sorts of powerful lobby groups for their grand schemes, and I think the arts should have a small piece of the pie. Perpetuating artistic expression in any culture is a win-win situation even when we occasionally disagree on what the money is being spent on.

Michael McBlane