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... I did a google search on my name, and came up with several pages of comments by others about me and my work. It was interesting reading and quite educational. ...
Ahhh, nothing quite like an afternoon of ego-googleing . I guess we all can relate to it .

Anyway, back to the thread topic - well, I for one am always looking forward for posts from you. Thers's always something to learn, and hey, I might even jump for a set of coating blades next year (when my darkroom has hopefully progessed past the sketch-on-a-paper-napkin stage).
But what I would really LOVE to see is an indepth book or ebook about your methods in emulsion making and coating. Sure, it couldn't replace the real-life hands-on experience one would gain from attending your workshops, but it would be the next best thing for everyone who can't attend the workshops for one or another reason (myself included).