Back on the topic of censorship, I fully expected to not be agreed with. That is why i said what I said. When it comes to censorship we by our own tastes censor what we want to see or be subjected too. I am not talking a we as in a group but as an individual. As for group censorship it becomes the result of more a politics/religion/morales/peer pressure/etc of that group. As for governments it becomes what the controlling group thinks the public should see. Each stage can be lessor or greater than the next.

Art in itself is censorship. It is what you decide to put into or leave out of a performance/image (picture for Sean)/sculpture that makes it what it is. What was left out, could be more provacative than what is put in. It just depends on what is produced. Does the government have to censor it? it again depends on variables of what that government wants. Is it going to be censored by some group (Hayes commission comes to mind) again it depends on what that group deems censorable. Do you censor it? It again depends on what you want to view. Ed you choose not to look at violent material. that is personal censorship. The Hayes commission censored what we could see via movies. that was group censorship. As for Government We seem to be well versed as to what they will censor.

My comment about child pornography is just that. I think that is wrong and yes I would report it to the authorities if i came across it. I am not one to think a snapshot of a mother with her child nude is offensive. I do not consider naked children photographed as wrong. i am against the blatant sexual crimes committed on children and then photographed for perverse pleasure. I should not have to clarify that further. Wasn't it last year that a couple in Texas had their children taken away because of a photo of the mother breast feeding? I do not consider that vulgar. Notice also I did not get into pornography across the board. I was only concerned with children. what an adult does is their own business. I can choose to self censor that.

Then this brings up the matter of the recent pictures taken in Iraq. Should they have been censored? Where they any different from what we say should not be censored? Yet that brought up a firestorm of what should not be allowed. Which one is right?