I don't see any purpose in showing more photos from Iraq in respect to the prison issue. The whole world is aware of the kind of abuse going on by now. Besides, if it was you being humiliated in those images, would you want to have it shown on every network over and over? These people have been humiliated enough, let them have some peace. In regards to their censorship, they never should have been shown in the first place in accord with the Geneva Convention. I find it appalling that liberals like to cry out that the people in custody are not being treated according to the Geneva Convention, but when something like this happens, they are perfectly willing to throw the Convention out and show the photos in order to embarass the Bush administration. I guess the Geneva Convention is only applied when it's convenient.

As for censorship as a whole, for those who feel there should be none at all, would you feel the same if "Hustler" could show it's programming on network television during Saturday morning cartoons? Don't think they wouldn't do it if they could. The bottom line is money, and if they would rake it in using that time slot on those networks, they would do it in a heartbeat.