Your right, Michael. She shouldn't be blamed for the atrocities personally. But we as people do get caught up in things early that can end up very bad. We need to exercise judgement, but often we fail. These new things are exciting and we are proud to be included early. We are willing to blind ourselves to the growing evil because we would have to face the fact that what we are involved in is wrong. It's a common theme in movies. A good kid makes friends with a trouble maker and ends up doing something very wrong. It does happen. What bothers me the most is when the world tells us to tolerate it, because it might end up for the better. Case in point, when Hitler took Austria and then Czechoslovakia the world didn't do anything because they hoped he would be satisfied. They even called Winston Churchill a "war-mongerer" for wanting to do something about it. But when the Nazis invaded Poland and France, they realized what a monster they had allowed Hitler to become. I know most people here are against the war in Iraq, but Hussein tried invading Iran and Kuwait. How long did we really have to wait to do something? Did we need an attack on Israel? Europe? WMD notwithstanding, in the end the world is better off.

PS, Humpty Dumpty wasn't pushed, he was deceived into believing someone would catch him.