The demise of Kodachrome has been in the works for many more years than the current trend, then you throw in the process itself, that many states and countries won't allow anylonger and the lack of numbers of people that even know what it is let alone want to shoot it, the writing has been on the wall for a long time now as far as Kodachrome, I do imagine if you could put a group together that would purchase say.....about a million rolls a year, you might get someone to produce it again, I am not saying don't morn the loss of a film, but even in its heyday kodachrome was on the way out, newer processes, less enviormental concerns, easy films to work with, etc..and I am not a fan of all the newer E6 films, heck I shot kodachrome for a great number of years, but as photographers, we do have to adapt to the ever changing films that are being offered, lift a drink to the memory, and look for something that works for you now..

By the way, I see your New, welcome to the best traditional resource in the world.