Just wondering how many of the Melbourne people went along to the Camberwell photo market a couple of weeks back and what they ended up taking home.

My major purchases were:
A battered but still functional Gitzo tripod for the Cambo 8x10,
A Jobo 3063 drum for future ULF experiments,
A Graflex style Grafmatic for my Auto-Graflex,
and a 4x5 Cambo SC.

That last one was a tough decision as the 8x10 I bought came with a 4x5 reducing back as well as a spare 4x5 standard and 4x5 bellows. Crucially this one has the graflok back so I can now get rid of my old Calumet 400. I might try turning the 4x5 reducing back into a 4x10 reducing back when I have some spare time.

The last couple of times I have ended up walking out with money in my pocket but have somehow ended up with just what I needed at the time.