Had a ball this time.

Peak enlarging focuser with BG (blue) filter, virtually brand new $150.00 over the moon with this purchase.

72mm Hoya red filter $15.00 good value.

52mm Nikon L37c filter $5.00 steal.

Nova twin 8x10 tank, brand new $20.00 Something to play with, will move it on for what I paid for it, shortly.

Paterson medium format contact frame, $15.00 for me.

Paterson 35mm contact frame, $15.00 for a friend.

Step ring for a friend, brand new $5.00

62mm Polariser for a friend, brand new $40.00

I was surprised this time as there appeared to be quite a reasonable amount of gear, from super small Minox, through to 8x10.

The 8x10 went real quick, I was the 12th person through the door and it was being sold when I walked in.

Of the two markets each year, the October is always better than the March one. Perhaps that's because the October event, was the original yearly market before they went bi-annual!

Last March, I picked up a colour enlarger with lens for $40.00, I was the 3rd person through the door then, I purchased it in the 1st minute.

By the way anyone in the Melbourne area with a colour enlarger 35mm or 6x6, I have a student looking for one.

As far as I know at least a couple of vendors from Sydney, and I think one from Adelaide. I bought my filters from a sydney fella.