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Here, here. I'm still trying to get over the demise of big V-8's and cheap high-octane gasoline. Some say "change is good; it's good to change", but I say "Change is never easy; it's never easy to change". Good daydreaming, tjaded... but please don't hold your breath!
I concur with Dave and Brian. I just shot out my last roll of Kodachrome. There as a time when I used it almost exclusively (substituting the "old" Ekatchrome only when I needed a faster slide film).

Last year I bought a few rolls of K-chrome for nostalgia sake and just finished them off with this year's Autunm colors. It was a symbolic raising of the glass and toasting a dear old, and now departed, friend.

Besides, I've got a bunch of rolls of the new Extra Color Ektachrome 100 to try out!