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I called Dwaynes and they can only do 35mm or smaller formats. 120 and 4x5 are out. There is no lab left that can do those sizes. But PhotoEngineer Ron said Kodak has in its basement a dip and dunk Kodachrome processor that can do sizes all the way up to 4x5. Problem is its not being used and I doubt Kodak would let it go. As for Super 8- as long as 35mm K14 hangs around you can still get Kodachrome Super 8 processed by Dwaynes.

That 'machine' is not really a machine. It is a set of large tanks, common to all darkrooms at KRL, and a set of hangers on which Kodachrome could be processed. It is done by hand.

Anyone with the chemicals and the proper re-exposure system could run Kodachrome in sizes from 35mm - 8x10 if they wanted. The process runs nearly 2 hours.

It is even possible to use tricolor exposures on 3 sheets of B&W and then process them to give a set of "Kodachrome" separations that can be laminated together to give a single transparancy. This can be done in any size you wish.