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Why does everyone keep treating Kodachrome as if it were extinct? It's still easy to find and as far as I know Kodak has not announced the end. They still list both 64 and 200 on the web http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQueri...q-locale=en_US. Keep shooting it and they will keep making it.
As far as I am concerned, when they discontinued ISO 25 Kodachrome, it was extinct, I did extensive testing with both 64 and 200 and I am sorry, I just never got the same results, when the 25 died, the music died!

I feel the same way about the Velvia 50, I don't like the 100 versions even close to the 50, that is why I stocked over 400 rolls of the 50 when I heard what was going on, even if the E6 processing goes away, I can easily do this in my sidekick processor..

But I am testing some others now...