Yep, the early bird catches the worm & I was the early bird, being about 5th in the 8am queue but I didn't catch any worms this time. Last March I managed to get a full 10x8 box of the old Agfa Record Rapid fibre paper for a steal at $10, plus a few other odds and ends at a good price, like the deluxe-style 35mm slide case which opens both sides to fit more than I'll ever have the need for. Last week I bought some "Guilleminot" brand 16x20 graded paper called "eclair rapide" - unopened, the guy swears it's fibre paper but with a name like 'rapide' I tend to think it'd be RC (but why worry if it's only $10?) Does anyone have any information on this paper? I haven't had time to try it out yet, or even open it for inspection. So I didn't get much this year. But I truly believe it has had the largest number of older men with beards gathered under the one roof since the days of Federation when everyone had a beard!!!!!! ;-)