Jorge and I have been working on getting a group trip organized for either the month of July or August in Merida. This is a beautiful old Mexican/Spanish town in the Yucatan. Closely situated around Merida are several major Mayan ruin sites and a few lesser ones. In addition to that you have the usually stunning Mexican landscapes, old buildings, wonderful people and outstanding food.

The plan is to keep it very informal and cater to as many interests as possible. I envision the group consisting of no more than 10 participants. We could rent 2 vans for transportation. That way if one bunch wants to go and do churches at sunrise and the other a Mayan ruin we can split up. I have contacted a great B&B in Merida that my wife has stayed at and felt it would suit our needs. I am just waiting for the group rates, but they do have availability. One of the advantages of staying in one place is that we can all sit around and gab photography, plan the next days adventures and make use of the lap pool to cool off.

This is open to all manner of analog photography, I know Jorge and I will probably be using LF, but everyone is welcome.

While my primary business is scuba travel (I'm a partner in a travel agency) this project is in no way associated with my business. I just want to be able to pass along any advantages I can to the participants. I will not pocket any commissions and if any are included in the accommodations (which I doubt) I will subtract them from the price paid by the participants. You will only be charged NET prices. It's probably best if you pay the accommodations people directly, but if you choose to run it thru our company I would have to cover the cost of using a credit card, usually 3%. I only mention all of this as once it came out that I am in the travel industry someone would think the only reason I am trying to organize this is to make a buck. Just not the case.

While Jorge is associated with APUG this group trip is in no way sponsored or endorsed or associated with APUG. We are just two photographers wanting to get a bunch of like minded people together to share a common experience and learn from each other.

Jorge can bring a lot of local experience to the trip which will make it that much more productive and enjoyable.

So what do you think?

Are you in?!