Thanks for the replies.

When Kodak decided to cease production of B&W paper, I decided to cease buying their products, and switch back to Ilford. If Ilford will continue to manufacture the products that photographers want to buy to continue traditional B&W photography, then I will give them all of my business.

Kodak manufactures (for the time being) fine B&W film and chemicals. I suspect that their continued manufacture is linked to other segments of their markets, such as aerial film manufacture, motion picture film manufacture, and, circuit board manufacture. I don't expect that manufacture of Kodak B&W film will continue forever, whereas Ilford has committed themselves to staying in production.

The management of Eastman Kodak made a business decision to discontinue manufacture of B&W paper. It was just that--a business decision. I understand their decision, and I respect it.

I, too, have made a business decision...and they will have to respect my decision. And please, don't anybody give me the, "if nobody buys Kodak's product, then they surely will discontinue manufacture of it" baloney. If they have bailed on B&W film, can the rest of their conventional products be very far behind?

BTW, I also own Kodak stock...which, when I get off my backside, I plan to sell, at market value.