Dear All,

I notice in a couple of threads people discussing the floopyness and more significantly the curl characteristics of Fibre ( baryta ) papers.

Just to let APUG members know, we have developed a new manufacturing technique that keeps FB papers entirely flat during manufacture and finishing, it also seems to encourage the paper to REMAIN very, very flat after the processing and drying process.

We believe this will significantly ease handling, movement during exposure, borderless printing, processing and more importantly the drying and mounting process, we are currently testing initial coatings using the new technique, we are pretty sure using the new technique does not change any of the sensitometric or other characteristics of the coated papers, but I am sure
you will understand we need to complete this work before moving to the new manufacturing process for our Fibre Base paper ranges.

Before you ask, my guess is we will change to the new process in early in 2007.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :