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Isn't this a classic example of cutting off one's nose to spite one's face.
No. The OP stated that while he respected Kodak's freedom to decide which direction they wanted to take their business, he similarly reserved his right to do the same with his business. Seemed pretty reasonable to me.

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If everyone stops buying Kodak then this will guarantee that Kodak will stop manufacturing photographic products period.
This is undoubtedly true, but a little disingenuous. A loyalty decision by me in favor of Kodak will not keep Kodak from continuing to cease the manufacture of products I wish to purchase from them. It will similarly not impact in any way their decision to steer their company away from the business direction that my continued loyalty to them would be based upon.

I have also stopped using Kodak products. Not because I wanted to, but rather because they forced my hand. I had always thought my personal "tipping point" would be the discontinuation of Kodachrome. Instead, like the OP, it also turned out to be the discontinuation of B&W photo paper. Why? In my case, because Kodak had just posted on their website that statement declaring their "ongoing commitment to black-and-white photography," or something to that effect. What happened next? The electrons weren't even dry in the ether before that commitment was broken.

If I catch someone lying to me about something, in the future that person will cease to have any credibility with me. I don't get angry with him. Nor would I go about cutting off my - or anyone else's - noses over it. I simply stop believing what he says and quietly find someone else with whom to converse. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

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BTW, you have been partially successful, Kodak has ceased manufacturing their own chemicals and leased the operation to another company.
No. Again in my case, the facts are that despite my continued loyalty in the purchasing of my B&W supplies from Kodak, they chose to ignore that loyalty and discontinue all of their B&W photo papers, followed shortly after by the leasing out of their chemistry operation to another company...

(Do you see the real problem here?)