I am very interested in this thread - I have been researching a 617 purchase, and would really appreciate some answers. Obviously the first choice is between a roll film back and a dedicated panoramic camera. I have an Ebony 45SU, and the main lens that I would want to use with 617 is a Nikkor 90 SW f4.5. I'm looking at the ubiquitous Da Yi back.

1. I have seen lots of different postings and articles, some of which say that a 90mm is very tight on a flat board even without movements, others which say that an 80mm is fine, and some which say you need a recessed board. Who is right?!

2. Few postings talking about 617 roll film backs mention centre filters. Could those with experience of this type of setup advise whether this is essentail with a 90mm?

3. Would I need bag bellows to make the Ebony work with the 90mm?

Advice would be much appreciated.