That is good news! I've never used Arista's chems (Kodak R3000 and R3 only), but availability of any reversal chemistry is good.

Last I heard, Type-35 on paper is discontinued, but the printing material (polyester) is continuing. I can't remember who told me this, so it might be rumor. I know that Type-35 mates well with Fuji films (and the new Kodak 100 films), but have never tested to see if Kodak film works as well with Radiance. Fuji film and Radiance are not friends.

I've had good luck with the big R3 kits, and have the reversal exposure figured out (first dev, quick rinse, stop, dismount tube, use a fluorescent shop light for the exposure, remount, rinse, and continue). Storage of color dev part B is the only tricky part of slowly using the 12.5 Gal kits ( I use 40 mL teflon-sealed sample vials, 100 for $60 from, 40 mL is just enough to make 1L of color dev each).