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My 616 folder (with attractive leather case!) will be taking part in the fun. I am using two nickels as spacers with 120 roll film and the original 616 take up spool, and get 4 exposures per roll (expose when 3,6,9,12 show up in the little red window).


Hi Doug:

I've tried a couple of tricks with the film size challenge. Do you have any problem with light leaks at the edge, when you use the 120 on the 616 take up Spool?

I think I'll be able to get 5 exposures, but the "window" on mine coincides with the 6x4.5 numbers on the roll, so I have to read in 2 1/2 exposure increments (2, 4.5, 7, 9.5, 12, 14.5).

Panoramic indeed, although it's hard to get that sense from those tiny viewfinders!