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Saw this on JM Colberg's blog... See the reception Alec's work got on another forum.... ugh.

Regarding that I was a bit annoyed by some of the comments on Soth's blog about the comments on his photo; not his, he was actually very neutral and gentlemanly about the thing, as he should be, but there was some air of "how can they fail to see it's a masterpiece, it's so obvious" in the comments. I think some of the responses on dpreview are fair game, given that this photo is part of a series, and works better as such. To have seen it in isolation hindered its interpretation.

His photo raises the same problems as were raised in the Eggleston discussions we had on APUG in the Discuss a **** photo forum. I don't think one should laugh at people not "getting it" the same way one shouldn't see things only technically and by-the-book-rules.

For my part, when I saw people laughing their head off at others not "getting it" I thought there was some kind of inside or subtle joke in his picture (e.g. you have to look at it in a certain way and suddenly a dirty thing appears, etc.). I didn't "get it" for a long time, and eventually figured out that the photo works out of the tension between the flat surrounding colors and the "angel picture" the woman is holding. But I could hardly blame people for missing that.