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I have one, what film can you use in it, I'd like to participate but I only collected them, didn't think I could use it. Forgive my ignorance.

The Six Sixteen Kodak takes, not surprisingly, 616 film .

You can't buy 616 film anymore, at least not with the proper paper backing. The film itself is the same size as 70mm film (2.5" wide) but it is on a 616 spool, and has 616 paper backing.

I don't know whether there was any variation in the length of the negatives produced by these cameras - mine produces a 4.5" long negative.

There are also 116 cameras - same size film, just different (diameter) spool.

There are a few tricks you can use that will permit you to use 120 film in many of these cameras, but it is certainly much easier if you have a 616 take up spool.

If you would like, I can look on my computer at home for some links to sites where people have posted the tips and tricks they have used to adapt 120 film for use in these cameras. I also have an e-mail address for someone who, for $45 US, will send you an adapter he makes.

I think most of these cameras list the film size used inside, when you open the back. You should probably check yours first before I go further.

If you have any extra 616 spools you feel like parting with, lets talk .