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Does Leitz make the enlarging lenses that bear its name? Can anyone tell me from experience how a 50 mm Focotar 2 compares with the 50 mm APO Rodagon? Thanks in advance.
The Focotar-2 is very good. In a condensor enlarger like the Focomat (or my Durst with the condensers in it) its as good as I think it can get. While the Focotars are indeed "good" early Componons, the difference between it and the Focotar-2 did surprize me... I expected the Focotar-2 to be good but, given their age (they are mid-1970s designs), rarity and Wetzlar drunken aura... I expected a somewhat better Rodagon class lens... subtle and not spectacular.. and it seemed to be the right "thing" to put in my Focomat 1c.. but the Focotar-2 proved to really be **that good**.. rare among the Leica crowd.. and compared to the Rodenstocks (which I do like so don't get me wrong).. the Focotar-2 seems to even have better colour correction than the APO Rodagon--- which is not an APO objective afterall.